When to Consider a Medical Snoring Treatment

With all the over-the-counter products that are supposed to help with snoring problems, it can be hard to know what to purchase. An even bigger issue is when to consider a medical snoring treatment. Some people might have lived with snoring for such a long time that they might not realize that their snoring is an indication of a more serious problem or that it can pose a serious risk to their health within itself.

When is Snoring Considered Serious?

Of all the health problems that can be the result of snoring problems, sleep apnea causes the most harm. This is because sleep apnea can cause other apparently independent health problems if it’s suffered over a long period of time.

So many people with sleep apnea don’t even realize how often they wake up during the night, if at all. The continuous sleep interruptions caused by sleep apnea can make the quality of sleep very poor. This causes fatigue throughout the day. As if this wasn’t enough, the heart can suffer as well.

Continuous interruption of the body’s absorption of oxygen through continuous breathing can be a risk factor for high blood pressure. At its worst, high blood pressure can cause swelling of the heart. This can eventually lead to a stroke or even heart failure if the problem of sleep apnea isn’t treated soon with an appropriate medical snoring treatment.

Due to all the oxygen deprivation associated with sleep apnea, the body’s digestive system and fat burning capabilities might be slowed down. This can cause weight gain and even obesity. When the blood vessels in the lungs do not receive enough constant oxygen, they can constrict. This is called pulmonary hypertension.

When snoring turns into sleep apnea, it should be taken seriously enough to talk to one of our specialists about medical snoring treatment or, at least, to determine the seriousness of the condition.

Snoring problems that develop into sleep apnea will always have a tiring effect which can greatly reduce quality of life. The body never really gets the restorative sleep it needs for the sufferer to function to their full capacity during the day. This negatively affects work and personal life.

Common Forms of Medical Snoring Treatment

One of the most common ways of treating sleep apnea is with a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine. This is a machine that is worn during bedtime that consists of a surgical-like plastic mask that is worn over the nose, which is attached to a machine that sends air pressure directly into the wearer’s air passageway.

This continuous air pressure cancels out the snoring by keeping the airway open and clear of obstruction. While the machine can help those with sleep apnea, many people find it very inconvenient to wear at night. If you are concerned about this, you may be able to benefit from snoring treatment in the form of NightLase® offered by our med spa in San Antonio. This treatment uses laser energy to open the airways, leading to more peaceful, restful sleep without the need for surgery or a machine.

The first step to a good night’s sleep involves an appointment with us at Spa Black to learn about how you can conquer your snoring. Contact our med spa in San Antonio to schedule your consultation and find out if snoring treatment with NightLase® is right for you.