Why You Should Consider Dysport

With advancements in non-surgical beauty treatments on the rise, many are finding new and improved ways to manage conditions which may have proved troublesome in years past. One such procedure which has emerged is Dysport.

Dysport is an injectable medication which is used for the temporary improvement of moderate to severe frown lines found between the eyebrows. This injection causes muscles in the face to be frozen in place, helping to reduce the appearance of these lines.

The advantages of Dysport

Many who have had Dysport administered have named the natural appearance of the treatment as one of the top reasons why they like this procedure and would use it again. The difference between this procedure and similar treatments is that it does not affect or change movement in the muscles found in the rest of the face. It only affects the areas where the undesirable lines are found.

How it works

Dysport works to treat moderate to severe wrinkles found between the eyebrows by restricting the movement of muscles which cause the wrinkles. These wrinkles develop from repeated contractions of these muscles, so one injection is administered in five key areas found between the eyebrows which may cause these unattractive lines. In this way, the lines will disappear due to the muscles no longer contracting. Many have found that, with repeated treatments given over time, these wrinkles no longer are an issue.

Is Dysport for you?

The first step to be taken, as with any procedure, is to consult with an expert who can assess whether or not this procedure would be a benefit. Dysport is best for people under 65 who have unsightly wrinkles between their eyebrows and want to have them removed. Those with skin sensitivities or those taking certain medications may not be good candidates for this therapy.

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