Why You Should Get a Professional Facial

It seems like tools and tricks for at-home facials are everywhere. From specially designed scrubbing brushes to home peels and now even home lasering kits, it’s easy to start to wonder why going out and getting a professional facial is worth the time and the cost. But the truth is that professional facials are very different from what you can do at home, and the advantages for your skin make heading to Spa Black very worth your while.

No matter why you are interested in a facial — whether for deep cleansing, to deal with clogged pores and blemishes, or for anti-aging benefits, to name just a few reasons — going to a professional offers a lot that you can’t get at home. First and foremost are skill and experience.

Yes, you can certainly do your own research and gather a wealth of knowledge about skincare and skin types that make at-home facials more beneficial. But when you go to a professional aesthetician like the ones here at Spa Black, you are getting the benefit of years of specific training in the art and science of caring for skin.

When you come here for a facial, the first thing that happens is that you sit down with your aesthetician and talk in-depth about your skin, your skin concerns, and all the things that can make a difference in caring for that skin — such as diet, lifestyle, age, current beauty regimen, and more. By gathering all that information, your aesthetician can recommend what kind of facial will be best for you and customize that facial to get you the best results.

For people with clogged pores, black and/or whiteheads, acne, and other skin blemishes that result from trapped dirt and bacteria, a professional facial is the best and safest way to deal with those problem. We all know that we should never “pop” pimples or try to extract them on our own, even when using special store-bought tools for that purpose. It’s all too easy to press too hard or be too harsh on your skin, which can result in scarring and infection. When you have a professional facial, however, your aesthetician has been specially trained in the process of extractions, and he or she also has the right tools for the job. So for people with blemish-prone skin, professional facials are not only effective, but a far safer option than handling things at home.

The tools available to professional aestheticians are simply superior to the ones available for at-home use. And one of those tools is simply the hands of your aesthetician. Facial massage is something they are trained in, and that massage is an important part of a professional facial. Properly done facial massage helps purge skin of toxins, helps professional skincare products be absorbed faster and more deeply, and relaxes you — all very beneficial things for you skin! Plus, for people getting facials for anti-aging, this kind of massage encourages the growth of collagen and elastin, two natural body proteins that help keep skin toned, supple, and glowing.

So call Spa Black today to book your facial appointment. Our aestheticians will help you find the right treatment to get you glowing, healthy skin.