BOTOX® is currently one of the most popular treatments for fine line and wrinkle reduction in the cosmetic industry. XEOMIN®, however, is definitely giving BOTOX® a run for its money. XEOMIN® is a much purer version of the BOTOX® solution and is reported to work faster, last longer and to pose fewer threats of side effects. Both solutions are purified protein solutions that temporarily relax the muscles responsible for facial expression. This, in turn, releases tension in the muscle tissues and causes surface wrinkles to relax. There are some definite benefits that can be gained by choosing XEOMIN® for fine line and wrinkle reduction over BOTOX®.

XEOMIN® Has Fewer Ingredients

While quite similar to BOTOX® in a variety of ways, the first advantage that XEOMIN® is reported to have is a much simpler formulation. With fewer ingredients and no unnecessary additives, XEOMIN® is less likely to cause unpleasant, allergic reactions or side effects. If you have experienced prolonged swelling, redness or inflammation as the result of BOTOX® injections, switching to XEOMIN® could help you to get the desired treatment results, minus a number of unpleasant complications.

Your Body is Less Likely to Develop a Resistance to XEOMIN®

In addition to a larger number of additives and a slightly higher risk of side effects, BOTOX® is also more likely to result in the body rejecting treatment than the pure-form solution that is XEOMIN®. People who regularly use BOTOX® to maintain smooth and line-free appearances often develop antibodies to the product. Over time, this can disqualify them as suitable candidates for the procedure. Fortunately, the XEOMIN® solution can be a safe and equally effective alternative in these instances.

What to Expect with XEOMIN® Injections

During your procedure at our med spa in San Antonio, our experienced specialist will skillfully inject the solution in areas with visible fine lines and wrinkling. While these treatments can produce immediate improvements in fine lines and wrinkles across the visage, the full effects are not likely to manifest for up to one week.

Aftercare for XEOMIN®

Anti-aging treatments using XEOMIN® are considered to be non-invasive. These procedures require absolutely no tissue removal, recovery time or incisions. Once your injections are complete, you will be free to leave our spa in San Antonio and can return to work or most other scheduled activities right away.

Learn More About XEOMIN®

BOTOX® is no longer your only option for addressing dynamic wrinkles. Make an appointment at Spa Black in San Antonio to learn more about the benefits of XEOMIN®. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!