What Is XEOMIN®?

XEOMIN® is a treatment that is made out of incobotulinumtoxinA. It is designed to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Some people refer to XEOMIN® as the new BOTOX®. It is estimated that XEOMIN® has been approved in more than 20 countries.

XEOMIN® is very similar to BOTOX®. Both treatments work by paralyzing the muscles to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

How Long Do The Results Of XEOMIN® Last?

The results of XEOMIN® last three to six months, which is about the same as BOTOX®. Some patients will notice that the results last longer than six months. Keep in mind that the full results of XEOMIN® will not be noticed immediately. It takes about three to seven days to notice the full results of XEOMIN®. As you continue with XEOMIN® treatments, the muscles will become trained to stay relaxed. This will keep new wrinkles from forming, and you will require fewer treatments.

Is XEOMIN® Safe?

XEOMIN® is a very safe treatment. When it is administered by a trained professional, the chances of developing adverse side effects are low. The most common side effects are bruising and bleeding.

Am I A Good Candidate For XEOMIN®?

You will need to schedule a consultation with our staff in order to determine whether you are a good candidate for XEOMIN®. This treatment is not right for people who are pregnant or nursing. We will work with you to determine the most effective treatment plan for your individual needs.

During your consultation, we will discuss any medications that you are taking. There are certain medications that we recommend you stop taking – like blood thinners – before getting XEOMIN®. Blood thinners make you more susceptible to bruising and bleeding.

Benefits of XEOMIN®

Many benefits can be reaped from XEOMIN®. Designed primarily to address the frown lines in the forehead, XEOMIN® can help give you a younger appearance. These lines form over time and can become severe. With XEOMIN®, the underlying muscles are relaxed and these lines no longer form.

XEOMIN® can also be completed in a short amount of time. In fact, injections can be completed within in five to 15 minutes. There is also not recovery time necessary. You can immediately return to your normal activities after treatment. However, we recommend that you avoid rubbing the area. This will help prevent the XEOMIN® from spreading.

If you’re interested in how XEOMIN® can help you, schedule your consultation at Spa Black today. Located in San Antonio, we’ll help you get the younger-looking skin you want.