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Enjoy the skin tightening and anti-aging benefits of Morpheus8 in San Antonio! Morpheus8 is an RF, or radiofrequency, microneedling device that stimulates collagen production, minimizes acne scars, reduces wrinkles, fades stretch marks, and tightens the skin.

Morpheus8 isn’t just a facial treatment—it’s also been proven to diminish stretch marks and other types of scarring on numerous areas of the body, including the abdomen and inner thighs. Due to its ability to tighten and restore the skin, Morpheus8 also reduces the appearance of cellulite.

There is no downtime for this treatment, and initial results are visible starting three days after the session. Our staff has the skill and experience needed to perform a safe Morpheus8 treatment and revitalize your skin.

Morpheus 8, What is it? Dr. Boom Boom Pow

What Is Morpheus8?

A Morpheus8 is a radiofrequency microneedling treatment for lifting jowls, smoothing away the nasolabial folds and other facial wrinkles, and reducing eye bags. It can eliminate age signs on the cheeks and neck, reduce acne and acne scars, and rejuvenate the skin of the arms, knees, and abdomen. This is a great option for people looking for a minimally invasive way to treat signs of aging.

Unlike traditional microneedling, Morpheus8 includes radiofrequency energy in the treatment to further stimulate collagen and elastin production. Combining RF energy and microneedling in one treatment can produce more effective results than microneedling alone.

How Does Morpheus8 Work?

Morpheus8 utilizes RF energy and microneedling modalities to create effective results. RF energy works as a heat therapy to boost fibroblast creation in the deeper layers of the skin. These fibroblasts are responsible for synthesizing collagen and elastin proteins.

RF energy can also burn excess fat. This burning of fat can help contour the selected area for treatment while tightening the skin.

Microneedling works by creating controlled microinjuries using very tiny needles. When the skin detects injury in the body, our system automatically produces collagen and elastin to heal wounds. These controlled injuries are much too small to be harmful, making this procedure incredibly safe for use as an anti-aging treatment.

Ideal Candidates

The best candidates for a Morpheus8 treatment are healthy individuals who want a minimally invasive option to treat issues like sagging skin, scars, wrinkles, cellulite, hyperpigmentation, and acne. The treatment is recommended for ages 30 to 55 for people with visible signs of aging.

People with medical conditions that affect healing may not be considered candidates for Morpheus8 RF microneedling. The treatment is also not suitable for pregnant women and people taking anti-inflammatory medications, anticoagulants, or herbal supplements. Arrange a consultation to learn more.

Your Consultation

A Morpheus8 RF microneedling consultation will involve a detailed conversation about your appearance goals. It is best to have realistic expectations, since results will be different for every patient.

Provide your complete medical history to help our skincare professionals plan a safe and healthy treatment for your needs.

Your Morpheus8 Treatment Session

A Morpheus8 RF microneedling session will begin with applying numbing cream for a comfortable and painless treatment. Once the skin is numb, the RF microneedling will be performed. Most sessions take up to 30 minutes long, but it may take more time depending on the size and number of areas being treated.


After a Morpheus8 treatment, no recovery process will be needed. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight, tanning beds, exfoliating and heavily perfumed skin products, and makeup. Wait for at least 48 hours before returning to your normal skincare routine. Apply moisturizer and sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher to protect your skin during healing.

The results of a Morpheus8 treatment can last up to one year. Visible results should immediately be seen three days after the session with improved appearance after one month. The improvements will continue up to six months as more collagen is produced in the skin.

The Cost of Morpheus8

The total cost of a Morpheus8 RF microneedling treatment will depend on factors like the number of sessions needed, along with your specific aesthetic goals.

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