Vascular Lesion Removal

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Are spider veins bugging you? These blemishes are more common than you think and often appear on the face and legs. Although harmless, vascular lesions and spider veins are unsightly signs of aging and hormones that many people wish to get rid of. Luckily, Spa Black provides an innovative laser vein removal treatment that safely and easily removes unwanted vascular lesions to reveal radiant, blemish-free skin. We use advanced technology that’s designed specifically for targeting and removing unwanted vessels, hemangiomas, telangiectasia, and more. Spa Black is excited to offer a quick and easy solution for unwanted spider veins to all our patients in the greater San Antonio area.

What Are Vascular Lesions?

Vascular lesions, commonly referred to as spider veins, are visible clusters of vessels and capillaries that form directly under the skin’s surface. These blemishes are purple and blue in appearance and are often difficult to conceal with makeup. For that reason, women and men alike turn to advanced laser treatment to safely remove their unwanted vascular lesions. If you’re conscious about noticeable veins, Spa Black has a solution for you!

How Does Vascular Lesion Removal Work?

Vascular lesion removal is a fast and easy procedure that uses laser energy to safely collapse and remove unwanted veins and vessels. Our ReSmooth laser emits a unique 940 nm wavelength of light energy onto the unwanted vascular lesion. The laser selectively targets the vessel while leaving the surrounding skin tissue unharmed. By absorption of the light energy, the blood in the vessel heats up and damages the inner layer of the vein, causing the vessel to collapse and cut off blood flow. The damaged tissue is reabsorbed by your lymphatic system and healed to show clear, vein-free skin.

Vascular lesion removal at Spa Black offers complete removal of unwanted spider veins and fast results in just 1 to 3 treatments! Depending on the size of your unwanted vascular lesions, results and number of treatments may vary.

For more information on how you can remove vascular lesions and spider veins, call Spa Black in San Antonio. Our friendly staff and knowledgeable laser technicians would love to educate you on the procedure, introduce you to our technology, and restore your skin’s confidence.

Our Technology: The Astanza ReSmooth Diode Laser

As the leading aesthetic destination in San Antonio, Spa Black uses the latest laser technology to ensure our patients receive the best care and results. Our Astanza ReSmooth diode laser uses a one-of-a-kind Vascular handpiece for targeting and treating vascular lesions efficiently and safely.

Unique Wavelength

Our ReSmooth features a special vascular handpiece for targeting benign vascular lesions. This handpiece offers noninvasive treatments with no need for anesthetics or downtime. What makes this handpiece so special is the unique wavelength it uses. Our ReSmooth vascular handpiece emits a 940 nm wavelength of light energy (near the infrared range) that is designed to reach smaller vessels to even deeper vessels than traditional lasers and delivers better hemoglobin absorption for optimal treatment and removal of unwanted veins.

Better Absorption, Safer Results

Lasers, like our ReSmooth, with wavelengths in or near the infrared range offer higher penetration depth of laser light and are very well suited for the coagulation of leg veins and small vessels. The blood in vessels absorbs the laser’s light while the water in the surrounding skin does not, ensuring effective damage to the blood vessel while protecting the surrounding skin at the same time. Best of all, our ReSmooth uses integrated skin cooling to alleviate the skin immediately before each treatment pulse, mitigating pain and increasing patient comfort throughout your laser treatment.

What Results Can You Expect From Vascular Lesion Removal?

Vascular lesion removal is highly effective and delivers fast results. Treatment is most effective on smaller veins with a diameter of 3 mm or less. Larger, more prominent veins usually require more treatments. Following your treatment, the treated lesion may become red or bruised. This is a natural reaction to treatment and will heal over the following weeks, revealing clear, vein-free skin.

Want to know more about how vascular lesion removal treatment can benefit you? Call our world class team at Spa Black in San Antonio today for a consultation. We’ll discuss the various treatment courses available to you as well as the expected results and aftercare you can expect once treatment is complete. We look forward to hearing from you!