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Health enthusiasts of today are aware that to get rid of stubborn fat, you need consistent workout sessions and a diet plan. Whether you’re craving a beach body or just maintaining a healthy lifestyle, the process reduces fat and demands quite an effort. Those who work out regularly will tell you fat reduction is not as easy as it seems. And sadly, that’s true!. However fat removal with out surgery is a reality and available to you right now.

That said, for years, there was nothing much one could do about it. But thanks to modern technology and research, there are now advanced procedures popular treatments available. One such remedy is the CoolSculpting treatment that people have been benefiting from lately!

CoolSculpting procedure is a great way to get rid of stubborn fat, which was tough previously. The treatment is quite popular among those who want quick and visible results, without much hassle. It is mostly painless and the results last longer if you follow a suitable health and diet plan.

Furthermore, the Internet is loaded with CoolSculpting before and after treatment pictures showcasing stunning results. But, should you believe them? Or, is it just a hoax? Let’s find out!

Today we will walk you through everything related to the CoolSculpting procedure. It will include the procedure, before and after cases, cost, and beyond. Whether you wish to proceed with the treatment or are just curious about this technology, we’ve got you covered. Keep scrolling…

Before and after results from CoolSculpting treatment at SpaBlack
Before and after results from CoolSculpting treatment at SpaBlack
Before and after results from CoolSculpting treatment at SpaBlack
Before and after results from CoolSculpting treatment at SpaBlack

*Individual Results May Vary

How Does CoolSculpting Work?

The first thing you need to understand is how the treatment works. Allow us to break it down for you. We are sure that will be helpful to understand the process better. For starters, CoolSculpting is a sort of fat reduction method, best known to doctors as removal of crystallized fat cells. 

Similar to any other procedure of cryolipolysis, doctors use freezing temperatures to break down the fat cells in your body. CoolSculpting treatments takes about 35 mins to about an hour each. This depends on the skin area the patient wishes to target. Furthermore, there is no downtime. This is due to zero damage to the skin and tissue during naturally process.

If you’re still scratching your head, here’s a step-by-step visualization of the entire cool sculpting treatment:

  •   First things first, the doctor will ask you to lie down and be comfy. You can reduce your discomfort during the procedure by making yourself comfortable at the initial consultation stages. Then, the assistant will map out the targeted areas with a marker.
  •   The doctor will then apply a protective gel pad over your skin before using an applicator for the treatment area. Some of the applicators have got a vacuum that sucks in the fat from your skin. Others apply pulse pressure to get the job done. Both methods work fine and have similar results in the end.
  •   During the treatment, you will feel intense cold from the applicator reducing your tissue temperature to -10°C. Just a heads up, the extreme cold condition can be uncomfortable until your tissues go numb.
  •   Once the procedure is done, the doctor will remove the applicator and massage the frozen fat area to smoothen it out. This is to make sure the dead cells get released from surrounding tissues in your body.

The treatment area does not result in unbearable pain. Yes, there might be some swelling or tingling you have to deal with, but nothing more than that!

Is CoolSculpting stubborn fat removal a one-time treatment?

The destroyed fat cells, aka the dead cells under your skin will not come back after the procedure that easily. This is why the visible results here are long-lasting. But there is still a possibility of fat cells developing in other parts of your body.

It might impact the results you are expecting. This is because you might require multiple treatments over one to three months to achieve results. It all depends on the severity of your cellulite. That said, there is a thin possibility that the burnt fat might return in the future. But you can eliminate the possibility by taking care of your lifestyle.

What do experts say about CoolSculpting?

Most experts believe CoolSculpting elite is an effective remedy for bidding farewell to cellulite from the body. It works best for the abdomen region, thighs, and buttocks. As we’ve mentioned, CoolSculpting elite is an FDA-approved procedure. There have been tons of clinical studies and trials to prove that it is a safe and effective procedure.

Though it got popular as an alternative to liposuction, the results are far better. Most recently, this non-surgical fat reduction method got clearance to tackle the loose fat under the chin.

It is a small area that is too difficult to treat through natural means like exercise or diet. It might sound too good to be true, but the technology works great and has almost no side effects.

From the expert’s opinion and all the studies conducted, we can note that the CoolSculpting elite is the most effective option. Especially for getting rid of unwanted fat cells from the body.

When Will I See The Results Of My CoolSculpting Elite Treatment?

During the treatment, these fat cells are destroyed. They all die and cannot reactivate or return. But the remaining fat cells might activate if you gain weight in the future. If you gain weight, then your body will produce new fat cells.

Generally, it takes about 2 to 3 treatments to see optimal results. While to notice any fat reduction difference, you must wait for at least 30 days. But as mentioned earlier, you must follow a healthy lifestyle and diet to enjoy the amazing results for a longer time.

You may include some exercise, a healthy diet, or yoga in your daily routine. Also, it would be great if you can avoid alcohol and smoking. It can contribute greatly to cellulite formation.

How Long Will My CoolSculpting Results Last?

This is what every patient asks before they even think about touching the treatment area. In case you’re wondering the same, a single treatment will be effective for years to come.

The best part about the natural process is that the destroyed cells do not grow back easily. This is why the results are long-lasting. But you must take note that cellulite could reappear in the next few weeks or years. It is further possible if you experience some health issues or hormone changes.

As everybody is different, the duration result will vary from one patient to another. In some cases, the individual might need more than one customized treatment plan to maintain the results. Generally, the results last between 6 to 9 years. However, you should maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle to preserve the results.

What to Expect During CoolSculpting® Treatment

CoolSculpting® is a non-invasive, non-surgical technique designed to eliminate stubborn fat deposits. But what should you expect during CoolSculpting San Antonio treatment?

First, you’ll have a consultation where you’ll find out if you’re a suitable candidate for treatment. You’ll also have an opportunity to discuss which parts of your body you should target. During the consultations, you’ll consider the realistic effects that you’re likely to see from the procedure.

During treatment, a special CoolSculpting® device will pass over the areas in which you’d like to reduce fat deposits. In general, procedures take around 35 minutes per area treated, so if you want to reduce fat on your chin and stomach, expect to be in the clinic for 70 minutes.

Candidates For CoolSculpting San Antonio Treatments

It is well-known that the CoolSculpting elite is an effective treatment plan for most people. Yet, you should take note that doctors don’t recommend it for everyone.

For example, let’s consider you have mild fat accumulation. It does not go away even after proper diet and exercise. In this case, the CoolSculpting elite could be an effective option to get rid of extra pounds.

But remember, it is not a weight- bra fat loss treatment area. Also, you must be above the age of 18 to take up this procedure.

Besides, doctors also keep your present health condition in mind before recommending you for this procedure. For instance, they will see whether you’re sensitive to cold temperatures or have any medical issues.

Remember, the doctor will never advise the treatment area for pregnant or breastfeeding women, persons with serious medical conditions, or someone who cannot maintain the results.

It is not advisable for people with poor skin elasticity to try CoolSculpting elite. The doctor will also encourage you to follow a healthy diet and regular exercise routine to maintain the results.

How much does CoolSculpting elite cost in San Antonio?

When preparing for the procedure, a crucial question that you might have is how much it will cost. Well, there are quite a few factors that decide the same. It will vary based on the area of concern, your goal, and the number of sessions required.

On average, you can expect CoolSculpting elite fat-freezing treatment site prices to be somewhere between $2000 to $4000. Each time the applicator is used on the body, it will be counted as the first treatment.

Moreover, remember that CoolSculpting elite is a cosmetic procedure. So it might not be covered by your insurance provider. In that case, you ought to seek financing options to make the non surgical treatment affordable.

For instance, if you go for the CoolSculpting elite fat-freezing procedure in San Antonio to target belly fat, then you might need about 4 treatment sessions. This number might increase to achieve the desired results. So, in total, there will be about 8 to 12 treatment areas.

But when you carry a different weight, say a bit more in your lower belly than your upper belly, count that as another extra non surgical back treatment session. On the other hand, if you have a small paunch in upper arms, two sessions would be enough.

These factors define the cost of CoolSculpting elite. It will be entirely based on ideal weight, your body type and the goals you want to achieve.

How painful is CoolSculpting elite for fat reduction?

While it is normal most patients to face some discomfort during the treatment, it will be tolerable. The patients who have been through the treatment before had no such extreme complaints, and for the most part, no complaints!

Generally, the patients feel intense pressure and a sense of chilliness during the first few minutes. This could be uncomfortable and a tad bit painful for some. You will experience the sensation of tingling, pulling, pinching, or cold stinging during the procedure. But once the treated area becomes numb, uneasiness ceases to exist.

Luckily the whole treatment plan does not come with any downtime. So, the patient will be able to resume normal activities a day after the non surgical treatment.

Are there cons to CoolSculpting elite for fat cells?

CoolSculpting in San Antonio is a certified treatment remedy. For the most part, the treatment is safe! However, there might be some possible side effects that you should know!

After the procedure is over, there could be other side effects like tenderness, redness, cramping, or skin sensitivity. But there is no severe complication associated with the same. It will all go away within a week of the treatment.

Furthermore, patients need to understand that doctors do not recommend this for everyone. So, it will be best if you ask your doctor about it! They can advise if the procedure will be suitable for you.

You should ask about the risks and benefits involved in this procedure. CoolSculpting Elite is not recommended if you’re sensitive to cold temperatures or have any specific health conditions.

Does CoolSculpting Work Permanently?

We know that CoolSculpting in San Antonio works by freezing and killing fat cells, which are then naturally eliminated by the body over time. Statistics say CoolSculpting elite can provide patients long-lasting results.

Yes, this is because on average, patients experience about 20-25% reduction in fat after just one treatment. However, you must keep in mind that while the treated fat cells are permanently removed, new treated fat cells can still form.

To prevent this, you need to stick to a good lifestyle to maintain your results.


Does CoolSculpting elite work on the love handles?

CoolSculpting elite certainly is a good candidate for a highly popular remedy that works well for treating these regions in multiple areas of the body. It will eliminate unwanted fat by freezing.

Then, the targeted fat cells are safely and naturally eradicated from your body. Once it’s gone, you will see that those stubborn love handles are slowly fading away.

The process will act on the fat accumulated in these areas. However, it will depend entirely on the level of your fat accumulation in targeted area or multiple areas. Based on your condition, the doctor will advise you to take 4-12 sessions as required.


As you can see, CoolSculpting elite will help most patients achieve great improvement in the cellulite appearance. You will have a more defined and toned-looking body. No doubt everyone’s body is unique and will react to the CoolSculpting elite differently. Set realistic expectations before you go through with this.

Wrapping Up

Blame it on the bikini season, but people are now inclined to lose those excess pounds for that perfect body. Luckily with the right expectation in mind, CoolSculpting elite can be a great option.

Just a reminder, the CoolSculpting elite is never a permanent weight loss solution. Doctors generally recommend the treatment only for those experiencing difficulty in losing weight through natural means.

However, with realistic expectations, proper diet, and lifestyle changes, you can achieve the desired results using CoolSculpting elite.